Do Not Disturb: Relaxing.

Finding a good face mask can always seem like a bit of an extra task. You don’t really need one, but you want one. Nothing quite says “do not disturb: RELAXING” like a good old face mask. But the problem is how do you really know if the mask is for you? The majority of the masks I have tried out have been a game of Russian Roulette: is it going to do nothing? Do everything? OR break me out? So really I have not actually been actively looking for a mask, the mask found me… kind of…fell in to my lap/my Refinery29 feed.

And I am SO. HAPPY. ITS. HERE. Quite literally happy it’s here, in the UK (specifically SpaceNK) and now in my bathroom cabinet. People get ready for Herbivore. The cult beauty brand, that features non-toxic ingredients (tick), cares about animals (tick) and is so freaking Instagramable (TICK). The entire Herbivore range is a rainbow of pastel hues; pinks blues and greens. But as well as looking amazing, every product has a host of benefits for your skin.

I thought I would go straight in a buy the Herbivore Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask (which has SOLD OUT!) to begin with as this was one of the items coming up the most on social media feeds. Their websites description for the mask is this: A skin softening mask great to use before a night out or anytime your skin needs some extra nourishing and TLC. There are no fillers in this mask, only natural botanicals and clay. Um, sold.

The main aim of the mask is to, exfoliate whilst providing cell renewal, skin rejuvenation and ‘de-puff’ the skin with anti-inflammatory chamomile.

Mask on


My main concerns are my extremely red and deeply pitted acne scars. After using the mask I noticed that the blood had rushed to my face and I was a little red, but I was smooooth oh the smoothness and softness was too much to deal with. The next morning however my skin looked bright, the acne scars were a little softer than the angry red colour they usually are and my face was DOUBLY smooth than when I had just taken the mask off.

I have incorporated this mask into my weekly routine as my exfoliator, exfoliation is the key thing I was missing and it has only been about 3/4 weeks and its hard to say if its this mask is what is making the main difference to my face at the moment (as I am using a few products in a new routine) but I’m going to keep it in the routine because I love the way my face looks and feels the next few days after I have used it!

For the price (£20.00) the amount that you get in the pot is very good, this is going to last you a while and this mask is something that I will be incorporating into my weekly skin regime as an exfoliator for a long time.



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