Why I Have a Love / Hate Relationship With This Toner

Back again with the product reviews! I love reviewing individual products as I find it so interesting to compare my experiences with others’ and also I tend to go on a tangent if I review multiple items in one go (I will post a summer lip loves soon though so stay posted!).

We have all read raving reviews about the Pixi Glow Tonic and how fantastic it is as a toner. So many success stories of people waking up to the best skin of their life everyday. But realistically £20.00 for a toner is a bit drastic. Especially if you have never used a toner before. My scepticism usually sets in. Surely it’s just glorified water? This wasmy view on toners, but since the Korean skin market has started booming, I can see why toners are effective, they ensure that any extra dirt on your face has been removed and can also give you a little boost of hydration, exfoliation or nutrients depending on which toner you have gone for.

I may have mislead you with my opening paragraph, but, this post is not actually about the Pixi Glow Tonic at all, today I am talking about The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid Toner 7%.I have very mixed emotions about this toner, I really wanted to love it (just as I have loved pretty much everything I buy from this company) but I just can’t find a place for it in my heart or bathroom cabinet. The positive about this toner is that is has a very low price point (as do the majority of The Ordinary’s products) and I can’t say my time with it has been all bad, but has just required a bit of figuring out.

What I liked from the get go is that the packaging comes with 2 different caps, one is a flat one so you can transport the bottle without having to worry about spillages. The second cap is a squeezy thingy (not sure of the word, if you know please hmu). The product is a water like consistency and kind of smells like cucumbers that have been made from chemicals? IDK. I squeeze it out onto the pads and wipe all over my face evenly (obvs avoiding the eye area) and not always but on some occasions experienced a mild stinging sensation, which wasn’t unpleasant, but sometimes catching me unawares, especially as the product is infused with pepper berry and aloe vera which are meant to have cooling properties on the skin. I would also just like to add I don’t have sensitive skin either…

Lets fast forward 9 hours to the morning when I wake up and runs to *look in mirror for that overnight glow up* drum roll…voi la; skin has not visibly changed. BUT it does feel very smooth, probably thanks to the exfoliating factors in the toner. And so after this is the first-time-and-I-didn’t-love-it let down, I dabbled with this product. Each time I was appreciating the smoothness of my face but never quite getting that full glow.

I decided to put this into a routine, and use it progressively more and started with every two days, three times a week. And after this first week of continued use and an actual routine, I started to love this product. I could finally see the results of the glow and was feeling a bit smug that I hadn’t had to pay £20.00 to do so *mini high five*. But it was after the second consecutive week of using this product in a routine that I noticed that my face wasn’t really glowing anymore but was getting pretty dry. I discontinued the routine to let my face have break and to get moisturised again but then I was back to square one in the routine and the one time I used it, the product did not do very much. I didn’t want to keep using it because then my face would become dry! Vicious cycle L

For me I won’t be buying this product again, but will definitely be investing in the Pixi Glow Tonic to make a comparison and see if it’s just my skin that can’t handle GlycolicAacid. You can see why I have a love/hate relationship with this product and just because it’s not my favourite, doesn’t mean that it won’t be yours. At this price point it is definitely worth giving it a try.

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