Lixir: Universal Emulsion

Life is hard enough without having to think about your skin care routine, let alone layering (Korean Beauty 7 step routines spring to mind). Picture this: you’re in a rush, you have to be out the door ASAP but your make ups not done, and you haven’t put on your HA, Moisturiser, SPF or Primer…FML. I may be able to solve your problem, it’s called: Universal Emulsion by Lixir (yes I am going to keep going until I own and review every Lixir product. Just letting my bank account chill for a second).

I absolutely love this brand and everything it stands for. Colette Haydon has really left her mark on me since I watched her speaking at the Refinery 29 Skin Deep Event and the Electrogel Cleanser has already made its way into my holy grail paradise.

The amazing thing about the whole Lixir range is that each product is multi-functional. Such as the Electrogel Cleanser, (read here).

The Universal Emulsion acts as a day cream, night cream and a primer. It also has a natural SPF of 10, I say natural because most other moisturisers with SPF in have added sunscreens in them and Lixir have specifically avoided doing this, and so can be used before bed.

The scent is a natural rose scent infused with Ylang Ylang, it is not unpleasant but kind of reminds me of play dough. The consistency is not as thick as the cleanser but is similar to a very thin gel.  I have used this cream in each recommended way to give you guys an honest review.

As a day cream:AMAZING, especially for these humid summer days we’re having in London. The cream is so lightweight and dries on slightly matte, but my skin also looks kind of dewy. My skin is always soft to touch. It does the trick for day time moisturising. Even though it has a natural SPF of 10 in it I still use SPF of 30 or over on my face, that is just my preference.

As a primer:I wasn’t really sure what to expect using this as a primer as I have my go-tos and never thought I would like it. I put using this off for a really long time, but sadly I was in the wrong and this is so nice underneath my make up. It gives a really nice natural dewy look without being shiny and does not make your make up face feel too thick.


As a night cream:for me this cream wasn’t really moisturising enough to be my night cream, I have fairly dry skin and my skin really needs that extra boost at night, so this alone for me was not enough. When I paired this with an oil it provided a lovely hydration but I wont be using as a night cream only as the above.

This cream is perfect for the day time in summer and I would highly recommend this cream as a primer AND day cream. If you have drier skin like mine this may not be ideal as your night cream but what works for me may be totally different for your skin. It is slightly on the pricier side but when you are able to use this product in 3 different ways then you really do get your bang for your buck. Available at: Liberty of London.

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