Love At First Sight: Dr Jackson’s 05 Face And Eye Essence

Have you ever had those moments where you’re browsing the aisles of SpaceNk and would really like to buy something new for your skincare collection, but you just can’t see any space in your routine for a new item, let alone in your cupboard. You’re alternating your acid and retinoid nights and you’ve got copious amounts of acids, oils and serums already. Surely there can be no more room for a newbie. You close your mind to opportunity and your heart is now officially closed; there will be no more product loving until I have finished every last drop of every last product I own. You adopt a mantra: I will not let any more products in. I will not let anymore products in. I will not let anymo- and then you see it. The Dr Jackson stand. With its wonderfully minimal packaging and all of its beautiful products. Here I go again…

The brands remit for me is everything: cruelty free, vegan, science-led natural skin care. The founder Dr Jackson spent a lot of his time in incredible corners of the world learning about natural ingredients from tribes, shamans and healers, so it’s no wonder that the products mirror this expert knowledge and are top of the range.

I picked up the 05 Face and Eye Essence and had already fallen in love by the time I had woken up the next day (BIG statement). The first thing that I really like about this product is that it came with a leaflet which listed all the ingredients and why they have been used in the product. Secondly it came with a spatula, which makes so much sense as all the ingredients are natural and some are organic, the product would spoil over time if bacteria from the skin or fingers were to get in. My third love about this product is that it is multifunctional: it is an eye and face essence, can be used on more humid days as a moisturiser, amazing make up primer (recent discovery) or lovely as a cool down step after the gym.

As soon as you open Dr Jackson’s 05 Face and eye essence you are taken to another place by the scent, which is light and citrusy yet mildly floral. The texture is a very light water based gel. To apply on the skin it has an instant cooling effect and you can feel the aloe, baobab and chamomile all working together to give you a wonderful boost. It dries matte, but leaves a lovely sheen and skin appears visibly brighter, which you can thank the vitamin c for. When used at night, my skin GLOWS the next day. When I use this after the gym (and have to get back to office afterwards) it really does help to minimise my redness and provide moisture. I have tried using this as a primer and honestly my face looks like it has an IRL filter on it. Having been using this product for a number of weeks now my skin is visibly brighter and my complexion is very even. I have had a few breakouts and I feel like this is a product I don’t need to stop using during a breakout and helps me to control it. The only thing I do not use this product for is my eyes, I used it straight out of the shower on my eyes only and was met with a stinging sensation but quickly got over that and this means there is more for my face so happy days!

Dr Jacksons 05 Face and Eye essence is a little on the pricier side but a little product really does go a long way. The product has been heavily researched (as has the whole range) and I have been noticing the benefits over the month I have been using it. Using an essence was the key thing I was missing and I can’t wait to see how much this product continues to benefit me over the next few months and I am dying to try more of their range!


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