A Love Letter To My Sjo Skin Happy Honey Mask

  • A Love Letter To My Sjo Skin Happy Honey Mask
  • A Love Letter To My Sjo Skin Happy Honey Mask
  • A Love Letter To My Sjo Skin Happy Honey Mask

Dear Happy Honey Mask,

I thought that my life was pretty fine and dandy before our fateful encounter. I thought that my weekly clay masking was really helping me out. The dryness I felt after that mask I thought was down to the exfoliation my skin had just endured for twenty minutes. I used to think “how could this be any better?”. To be honest, before you, I had a couple of masks in my life on the go, but never had I met the one. I didn’t really see you coming, but one morning, there you were standing on my doorstep, in a bed of cardboard confetti, looking all enticing with your recyclable glass pot and wooden spatula. How could I resist?


We snuck around for a bit so that the others didn’t get jealous and I really fell for you. Your effortless thick but grainy texture glided so effortlessly on to my skin and every time I applied you, you gave me a warm hug*, especially in my times of need.  The honey in you gave me hydration, your coix seeds gave me exfoliation, the calamine helped save my hormonal skin in my hour of need. Every time I wiped you off you had enhanced my visage. Matte but bright. Detoxified and uncongested. I don’t know what won me over the most with you Happy Honey Mask, it might be that you were hand blended with the purest intentions, or it might be that you are a real hero in this world with your contribution to saving our precious bees. Is it your family farmed Scandi honey that makes you so damn appealing? There’s definitely more than one reason why I love you and it helps that you also have an extremely wonderful family who gave life to you and introduced us. Please never leave me Happy Honey Mask, lets grow old together so that you can always keep my skin pure, and hydrated.

(happy honey is the middle texture)

Yours truly,

Wamby J

NB: If you reeeeallly want this mask use this link to get £5.00 off your first mask! https://sjoskin.com/discount/sjofamilyplanetwamby

*mask heats up upon application.

*10% of sales from the mask are donated to saving the bees.

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