The Creams Knees: Dr Jackson’s 02 Night Cream

Moisturiser. One of the last steps in your routine, but one of the most essential for a variety of reasons. Moisturiser is one of the make or break products in our routines. Not every moisturiser is for every one but there is one out there for us all. Up until recently I used the same moisturiser in the morning as I did in the evening and didn’t really see much point in having any more than one moisturiser. That was until summer came and my ultra thick ‘La Roche Posay – Tolleriane Riche’, was just too richefor these humid summer days. I started using it only once a day in the evenings, but it wasn’t having the same overnight effect as it would have if it were winter, my face is super dry in winter and LRP felt like it was mosturising effectively in the winter but in these hotter months, it just felt like it was congesting me.

Dr Jacksons 02 Night Cream comes in a very stylish little black pot (the perfect travel buddy) which unscrews on the top and also comes with a little plastic spatula. What I love about Dr Jackson’s is that all products come with a mini-booklet that includes what ingredients were used and their uses. All products are completely natural. The cream is very thick (thick enough that the spatula can stand up in it) and it has a lovely fresh scent of frankincense with some citrusy undertones.

Applying this cream for the first time can be a little weird as it is so thick that it does need a second to warm up on the skin before it can be applied evenly and it does leave your face looking super white, but as it is a night cream the ghost look isn’t a problem for me at all.

Fast forward to the morning and I can actually say that after one use of this cream I was hooked (I have been using it for 6 weeks now). My skin is bright and glowing. The tone of my skin is pretty even and my face is so soft and hydrated. This cream really does feel like it nourishes your skin – which is a completely different feeling to JUST feeling moisturised. Dr Jacksons 02 Night Cream nourishes, brightens and moisturizes my skin effectively. Usually with thick creams I am always worried that they will block my pores or make me feel congested but after using this cream every night for the past 6 weeks, my skin is probably the most uncongested it has ever been. If I have had a breakout this cream hasn’t made me worried that it might be having a bad effect, in fact it feels like it calms my breakouts down. This is probably due to the Baobab seed oil which is super high in vitamin C and a great antioxidant and also contains Kigelia fruit extract which is known for its soothing anti inflammatory properties.

NOTE: I ruined my skin recently whilst staying at a friends for a few days and the only face wash she had was fragranced and had alcohol in, my skin became so dry and unhappy and OILY. Which never happens to me, I have been trying to solve the issue for 4 days now and this is helping my skins recovery so much. I’ve taken away everything in my routine and am focusing on rehydrating my poor bebe skin. This cream is so nourishing and moisturising and soothing I truly believe it is helping repair and control the oil.

Although this product was gifted to me by Dr Jackson’s, it is a product that I would definitely purchase with my own money, it is the perfect size to carry on to a plane and it is the perfect night cream for Summer, I actually cant wait to use this product in the winter too, I know it will be perfect. *heart eyes *

*Gifted by brand.

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