A New Rival For The Ordinary

I have to admit that before I was sent these products they were not products that I ever thought about incorporating into my routine. not because I didn’t want to, but because I had no idea what they could do for me. How lovely is that feeling when you find a new holy grail product, and not just one of them, but two!?

The lovely team at Victoria Health sent me over Garden of Wisdoms Azaleic Acid 10% and their Niacinimide serum. Both can be used separately but for the ultimate team pair together after toning, but before moisturiser.

The first time I used this combo was after a weekend of partying and drinking, my skin was starting become congested and I had already had some breakout zones surfacing, I thought to myself if this doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, it can’t get worse than it already is. The next morning I awoke to quite possibly one of the best complexions I’ve ever had, breakout zones were chilling and didn’t appear to be any worse, pores looking small, natural shiny hydrated skin highlight on cheek bone areas? WTF! This didn’t look like the sallow angry skin of a 22 year old out on the piss for the best part of the weekend, this looked like…BABY SKIN. And baby skin it was, what a great day. No make up needed on this Monday, skipping into the office merrily.

I left it a good while before I came back to this rescue combo as I didn’t want to aggravate my skin with too much acid, but my next venture using these products is actually right now as we speak, as an unfortunate sufferer of hyperpigmentation, when I get a spot it will stay there forever, as a small stain on the Planet of Wamby. As well as using a good vitamin C in the AM, my PM routine now features these two heroes from Garden of Wisdom. I have been using these products twice a week in congested areas and overly pigmented red areas and really the results are just bloody marvelous. Congestion is halving, discolouration is fading a lot faster than usual. Pores appear reduced with regular use, the Niacinimide hydrates whilst fading old scars whilst working together with the Azaleic Acid to gently exfoliate and keep pores clear. As an breakout prone sufferer this is the best all year round team to incorporate into your routine.

(left texture is the Azaleic acid and the one on the right that is clear is the Niacinimde)

Something which I never thought possible though would be a change in texture in my heavily scarred ‘crater face’ area on my cheeks, but these products are actually improving the texture and after each use the texture is a lot less deep into the tissue of my face.

if using these products together, or separately in routines, I would advise giving 10 – 15 minutes between layering as they both can pill, but I have tested the method and giving ample time between layers doesn’t result in any pilling.

If you are amongst the group who are phasing out your products from The Ordinary then I honestly urge you to try Garden of Wisdom as they are such a great contender for providing affordable and results giving products, whilst also being vegan and always providing cruelty free products.

*both products were gifted by PR, but opinions are my own.

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