Hi welcome to Planet Wamby, I am pleased to welcome you to this little corner of the internet. For the last ten years I have suffered very heavily with acne, since the age of 15 I have built a strong expertise on skincare and have developed a strong passion for all things beauty related. Please note that I am not an expert and do not want to fool you into thinking otherwise.

Here I will share with you all of my knowledge and research (to the best of my ability) on cosmetic procedures and beauty products. I have done the research and given my honest thoughts and opinions and experiences, so that you can make informed decisions on any future purchases and try out new things.

*Some items on my site have been gifted to me from the companies or through PR, I will always state if something has been gifted, but will always be honest with my opinions. No lies will be told on this site! 🙂

All images are my own.

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