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Refinery 29: Skindeep Series.

Events come and events go. But it’s not every day that you get to go to an event run by Refinery29. That’s right! Your one stop shop for fashion, beauty and all round healthy advice just finished running their 3 part series titled: Skindeep. Hosted by R29s very own Georgia Murray, beauty writer and journalist, and the event titled rightly so: Skindeep, in these 3 discussion based events, it got deep, really deep, specifically right deep down into the dermis.

Each event was specific to a topic that is heavily discussed in skincare at the moment. How to get that glow, pollution and its effects on our skin and tackling adult acne. I was fortunate enough to attend the first and last events and I was also super happy that 100% of the ticket proceeds were going to Womens Aid, an organization which supports women who may have or currently are a victim of domestic violence.

R29 kicked off their series with Glowing Skin and it was pretty exciting tbh. The panel consisted of: Colette Haydon, all round queen and founder of Lixir skin. Dija Ayodele, an aesthecian and founder of The Black Skin Directory and Ozuhu Adoh the brains behind organic natural brand Epara. All three of these ladies offered amazing advice on how to achieve ‘that glow’ for all skin types and tones. My few favourite takeaways from this event is that, you don’t need perfect skin to get ‘The Glow’. If your skin is oily and you’re probably using too many stripping products on your face and you can become MORE oily and lastly, drinking collagen is doing next to nothing for your face it’s not going to really truly replace the collagen in your dermis (it may have other beneficiaries for you though).

The final event for me was even better than the first. Tackling Adult Acne. Which is a topic very close to home for me. The panel featured: The inspirational dermatologist Dr Anajali Matho, Expert on probiotics and founder of  Galinee skincare Marie Drago and Daniel Isaacs from Medik8. The most inspiring thing for me was meeting Dr Anjali who is a dermatologist and suffers with acne, it was quite comforting in a way too, as it really brought home for (I think) a lot of the audience that anyone  can have acne (even a dermatologist!). I was able to speak to so many women who were all in the same position as myself and this event I feel really brought together so many people who may not have had the chance to meet otherwise. My main takeaways from this event are: Control not cure. We may not be able to cure our acne, but we sure can control it and this can factor in avoiding scarring or reducing a really bad flare up. If you’re breaking out, try and keep the make up light (I know its hard) but this is only going to aggravate the problem. And don’t be afraid of acids, oils and retinoids. These steps are SO important in this process.

These are the first beauty based events that I know of, that were held by Refinery29 and as an avid and dedicated reader to Refinery29 I was so impressed that the event matched up to how highly informative their site is. The audience weren’t made to feel like an audience, we definitely felt like we were on the panel, we were able to ask questions and were encouraged to mingle with the panel members and each other after the discussion was over. Thank you very much Refinery29 and to all those who were involved, I can NOT wait to see what Refinery29 has in store for its next events! <3

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