Lixir: Electrogel Cleanser

In recent weeks I have gone from never using a face mask (post here) to now having two! The mask in question today is actually a cleanser, which is actually a make up remover but its actually a mask!?

I know what you’re thinking after hearing this information, does it actually work?

Yes people, it really does, I want to introduce you to Lixirskin by Collette Haydon. I may be a little late to the party, but there is nothing from holding me back on talking about this wonderful little cleansing, make up removing, masking heaven, which is cleverly named: ‘Electrogel Cleanser’ the name alone does not sound like your average cleanser, and this is because Haydon had decided she didn’t want to make just another cleanser, she wanted to experiment a little to give people something different that works. She also made some of the most instagrammable packaging of all time, millennial heaven is my most accurate description!

The cleanser is called so as it contains a small negative charge to attract the dirt/grime (or wtevs accumulated on your face after a long ass day of living in the world), which is actually positively charged (learning while pampering) and you just rinse it off. The scent is light and fragrant, think soothing sage mixed with calming lavender. The texture is creamy and weightless. The cleanse, when used correctly, is deep and penetrates beneath the epidermis to clear out the pores. It can also be used as a make up remover (YES AS WELL AS A MASK AND A CLEANSER) it breaks down the make up so well and doesn’t sting the eyes. If used as a mask, just massage into dry skin, leave for three minutes and then rinse (with use of wash cloth), it leaves the face looking mighty polished and clean. Or you could just use it as a cleanser by massaging into slightly damp skin and rinsing off well.

This cleanser has been incorporated into my evening routine after I have taken my make up off. I would love to use it every day as a make up remover but as you only get 100ml for £25.00 this cleanser/ mask is a ‘special occasion’ kind of cleanser for me and will definitely will be repurchase product to live on my shelf for a long time.

This is a great one for you to try I am extremely glad I found this cleanser as it does three jobs all in one, beautifully packaged tube.


Do Not Disturb: Relaxing.

Finding a good face mask can always seem like a bit of an extra task. You don’t really need one, but you want one. Nothing quite says “do not disturb: RELAXING” like a good old face mask. But the problem is how do you really know if the mask is for you? The majority of the masks I have tried out have been a game of Russian Roulette: is it going to do nothing? Do everything? OR break me out? So really I have not actually been actively looking for a mask, the mask found me… kind of…fell in to my lap/my Refinery29 feed.

And I am SO. HAPPY. ITS. HERE. Quite literally happy it’s here, in the UK (specifically SpaceNK) and now in my bathroom cabinet. People get ready for Herbivore. The cult beauty brand, that features non-toxic ingredients (tick), cares about animals (tick) and is so freaking Instagramable (TICK). The entire Herbivore range is a rainbow of pastel hues; pinks blues and greens. But as well as looking amazing, every product has a host of benefits for your skin.

I thought I would go straight in a buy the Herbivore Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask (which has SOLD OUT!) to begin with as this was one of the items coming up the most on social media feeds. Their websites description for the mask is this: A skin softening mask great to use before a night out or anytime your skin needs some extra nourishing and TLC. There are no fillers in this mask, only natural botanicals and clay. Um, sold.

The main aim of the mask is to, exfoliate whilst providing cell renewal, skin rejuvenation and ‘de-puff’ the skin with anti-inflammatory chamomile.

Mask on


My main concerns are my extremely red and deeply pitted acne scars. After using the mask I noticed that the blood had rushed to my face and I was a little red, but I was smooooth oh the smoothness and softness was too much to deal with. The next morning however my skin looked bright, the acne scars were a little softer than the angry red colour they usually are and my face was DOUBLY smooth than when I had just taken the mask off.

I have incorporated this mask into my weekly routine as my exfoliator, exfoliation is the key thing I was missing and it has only been about 3/4 weeks and its hard to say if its this mask is what is making the main difference to my face at the moment (as I am using a few products in a new routine) but I’m going to keep it in the routine because I love the way my face looks and feels the next few days after I have used it!

For the price (£20.00) the amount that you get in the pot is very good, this is going to last you a while and this mask is something that I will be incorporating into my weekly skin regime as an exfoliator for a long time.




Eyebrow Threading and Tint for Twenty Pounds @ Browhaus

  • Eyebrow Threading and Tint for Twenty Pounds @ Browhaus
  • Eyebrow Threading and Tint for Twenty Pounds @ Browhaus
  • Eyebrow Threading and Tint for Twenty Pounds @ Browhaus
  • Eyebrow Threading and Tint for Twenty Pounds @ Browhaus

Ever needed your eyebrows done, turned up to your usual eyebrow place, to find that your usual fire af eyebrow lady is not there… she’s left for some other new venture and she’s never coming back. OK, she’s on holiday but, it feels that way right now, and tbh it’s selfish of her. I’ve already grown my eyebrows out for 6 weeks because last time I flew the nest of repetitiousness my brows were threaded to within an inch of their short life and those 6 weeks of trying to convince myself that I am the modern day Frida Khalo were all over in a matter of seconds. So am I going to wait another 2 weeks for Ranjit to come back or am I gonna walk the path of uncertainty to have another eyebrow mishap? Sometimes I think well I am paying 3 quid for this service, something was bound to go wrong some time, nothing good lasts forever, but carpe diem you know? No one deserves bad brows…No one.

No more debating this matter I have to have sharp brows for the weekend, and I need a place with good, definite reviews. Working in central London there are many places I could venture, but when the place is quite literally called “Browhaus” what more could I want? Browhaus prides themselves on being the first one stop shop for brow and lash treatments, globally. I went on to their site, booked myself a shape and tint and for £20.00 for both those treatments, the essence of “treat yo self!” never seemed more appealing than now in this moment.

As soon as you walk in the Asian interior is beautiful, but also confusing as “Browhaus” would lead you to believe that it is potentially…German? The designs are great and very chic and give a nod to the founding headquarters in Singapore, with warm dim lighting you really forget that miserable London is just outside the front door. I was escorted by my brow lady to a cool little pod, and we discussed my brows. Its been 6 weeks since I had my eyebrows done and this, simply, can not go wrong. I want them thick but tidy, neat but not too neat. She nods with an air of confidence. I lay on the bed and the threading commences. She begins to talk me through what she is going to do to get those arches even, but then sees the concerned look in my eyes. I explain “don’t tell, just do” (I don’t wanna be the one who agrees to the fuck up). The tint then goes on after this, at this point I haven’t seen my eyebrows other than in the pic with the dye on. I’m starting to sweat a bit because its been about 12 minutes since I last saw my brows present on my face. The dye is removed and I am told to not wash my eyebrows for 2 days (gonna be weird). I look in the mirror. The big reveal. One word. Fly. I could cry but that would be weird. Excessive thanking is going on in this Brow establishment and I think people in here think I may have never had my eye brows done before. I say thank you for the final time, pay (tip obvs cos its that great) and I leave.

For the price mark of £20.00 you can’t really go wrong as you are having threading AND a brow tint. My lady, who was fabulous, talked through what I wanted, how we were going to achieve it and also gave me after care tips for the dye on the brows. She left my brows EVEN actually EVEN. She corrected my arches. She corrected my soul. There is no price on happiness and for £20.00, which is a considerable mark up from £3.00. It is so worth it, especially as you are receiving two treatments.

The eyebrows shape the face and my face has really been shaped. Make sure you try Browhaus, Covent Garden, if you’re in London, as this as honestly the best brow move I have made in 2018.

Click here to check out their services!

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